Meet FlexyTape®

Instantly transforms any surface into a base for LEGO blocks

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What is the FlexyTape®?

Imagine being able to build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even onto the sides of that sailing ship you've just spent hours building. Snip a length of FlexyTape®, stick it on the hull, mount your cannon and be on your way!

Cutting-Edge Engineering

FlexyTape® is dedicated to producing high quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

The FlexyTape®

Flexible, Cuttable, 3D Adhesive Lego Flexy Tape
Compatiblity with LEGO

Compatible with LEGO Blocks, Mega Bloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems.

Environment Friendly

A Non-Toxic silicon makes for worry-free play. And better for the environment economy with Green Future.

Great Gift

The FlexyTape® is an awesome gift for adults, youth and also kids. Make your family happier.

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Why it's so Awesome?

  • It's Cuttable

    Cut your FlexyTape® to
    any size or shape.

  • It's Flexible

    Why build on a grid when
    you can go round corners?

  • It's 3D

    Make a sideways city
    or an upside down town!


"The FlexyTape might be 2017's best invention"

It’s flexible, it’s cuttable, and it comes with an adhesive backing so you can attach it to walls, other toys, and even yourself if you want! It also allows you to make curvy shapes such as hills, rivers, and roads, and the best part is that it’s actually surprisingly cheap.